Wonderful Indoor Planters

Dec 7th

Living room, living space and passage and largest room in house are perfect place for indoor planters they bring a lot of cachet to your decoration and you will see life in green!

wonderful indoor planters
Angreeable wonderful indoor planters

but you should avoid indoor planters front window, they might cut input light but rather put behind or beside sofa to create a lounge area so cocoon!

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To decorate a wall, place a small bench and drop to your prettiest plants … they will create a wall decoration 100% vegetable , green and alive that will evolve over seasons … You can choose vines like jasmine to brighten up any wall in …

You can also use stools, chairs and armchairs! Feel free to hunt in flea pretty vintage pieces you can also paint pink or neon yellow for a lagged effect trendy contrasts finely with green indoor planters!

Drooping plants in colorful little flowers are perfect for camouflaging nicely stools and other chairs left in their juice!

For those who are kind art gallery, replace traditional layout of frames and posters over couch by a homemade vegetable work! Place a small range above sofa, fill earth and let it grow several small plants!