Secrets to Grow Basil Seeds

Oct 9th

Basil seeds, Osmium basilicum, are an herb that has its origins in India. Basil has value not only for its sweet taste; it also helps to relieve gas and bloating, and helps in breastfeeding. Experience has shown that breast swollen warts respond well to gentle brushing of basil tea.

small basil seeds
small basil seeds

When conditions are good, plant will sprout from basil seeds, and with sufficient nutrients and moisture can develop stems and leaves. Plant is tender and does not tolerate freezing. Its white flowers are final coronation of plant. They will form new basil seeds, and therefore life cycle repeats. Despite careful cultivation and mother plant has completed its life cycle and will die.

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Do you know of any store that does not have this plant all year? What happens to thousands of basil plants that people buy every day and take them home? Almost none survive to see them next weekend.

It’s the same discontent ever; stems turn black, leaves wither, and can even build up mold on the surface of earth.  Placed in the kitchen on the extent of base of window, in early hours plant looks delicious, green and attractive.