Planting Pots for Watermelons

Jun 19th

To plant watermelons in the planting pots can be an option when you are not available or the garden does not have enough space. We explain below how planting pots for watermelons in the planting pots. Let’s put a watermelon plant in a planter, with the intention that the stems fall to the ground and grow creeping over the ground. To plant watermelons in the planting pots, we have to consider that they will need much manure on land. As some plants that are grown by grafting must be careful not to cover the substrate.

Planting pots ikea
Planting pots ikea

We must be careful that the stems do not break the edges of the pots or window boxes, so we can put some kind of padded protection on the edge of the pots. Planting pots require more irrigation because it evaporates before the ground. So during the first weeks daily watering should be without wetting the leaves of watermelon.

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If we dip the leaves of broadleaf plants may favor the development of fungus that can kill our plantations. To prevent fungi we apply sulfur, suitable for organic growing every fortnight in our plants.

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