Mix salt and water to kill garden weeds

Nov 12th

The garden weeds are unsightly and pose a significant threat to farmers and gardeners. Drown cultivated vegetation, threatening crops, flower gardens and even trees. Gardeners often pulling weeds and sprayed with commercial chemicals. These chemicals can be hazardous to the health of people and their pets. You can find alternatives in the cabinet of your kitchen to combat weeds.

garden weeds and pland
garden weeds and pland

Concentrated solution

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If your garden weeds cover an increased area, you are able to mix a solution of water and salt. Add 1 pound (0.470 g) of salt in 1 gallon (3.7 L) of water in a bucket. Pour the solution into the brush being careful not to spill on the surrounding vegetation. Within days, your weeds will wither and die.


Salt kills garden weeds but also damages the soil. Consider a natural alternative to kill weeds effectively but does not damage the surrounding soil. Pour white or cider vinegar on weeds. The acid depletes the energy stored in their roots. Die young weeds with a single application. Weeds over time use a larger root system that would require multiple applications of vinegar to destroy them. Another option is to pour alcohol weeds, which removes moisture from plants. This method will kill weeds successfully. You can also pour boiling water over the herbs, which actually makes them cook. It is effective to kill them and will not damage the floor.

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