How to Prune a Lamb Ears

Jan 5th

Lamb ears, Starchy byzantine scientifically known as, is a curly leaved plant grayish green. Produce flowers in spring and summer between white and pink. In early spring and late autumn, the plant creates a silvery ground cover that some find unpleasant. Lamb ears tend to be invasive and often develop brown leaves near the base. You can remove unwanted shoots or brown pruning your plant lamb’s ear in less than 10 minutes.

Stachys lamb ears
Stachys lamb ears
  1. Shears with hot water to remove dirt and debris. Dry leaves scissors prior to disinfection with alcohol. Although Lamb ears are a hardy plant, you should take these precautions to minimize the risk of infections by pruning.
  2. Cut the brown dead leaves, leaving only the healthy foliage. Make cuts about 1 cm from the body of the plant, making sure not to damage the other sheets in the process. Discard the pruned leaves.
  3. Removes areas lamb’s ear that seem unattractive or plant parts that have expanded beyond their limits. It will grow back, requiring regular pruning, but this reduces the overwhelming effect of lamb’s ear may have in your garden. Cut unwanted growths as close to the ground or main floor, for maximum impact.
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