Fresh Wall Planters Design

Oct 11th

Here’s an ideas decoration green, original, ingenious and very simple to perform. You can install green wall planters on your balcony or terrace and move your desires sandstone.

wall planters in pots
wall planters in pots

Find a piece of garden by planting herbs, perennials or annuals. No need to spend big money for wall planters chic. You can attach one molded plastic or homemade wood on your wall with some supplies found in local hardware store. Riding these planters not require construction experience, but ability to drill a hole.

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First steps of wall planters are remove all staples, possibly reattach unstable boards. You can also grind or sand edges of range if necessary.

Put blade flat with side that will be visible against ground. Staple canvas planting rear, sides and bottom of pallet

Turn palette and fill it with potting soil. Make sure that soil occupies entire place and it is quite compact otherwise it will settle when watering and you have to start over. Place plants on top of pallet and plant remains between boards of pallet. Make an opening with a cross cutter to prepare planting hole.

Tighten plantations to prevent soil from escaping. Add compost if you feel holes. It is advisable to leave pallet flat a few weeks, until roots grow