Chinese chive Plants

Jan 17th

Chinese chive plants are a great addition to home gardens of herbs. Not as well known as scallions or chives, Chinese garlic has value culinary and ornamental.

Beauty Chive Plants
Beauty Chive Plants

Culture conditions

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Chinese chive plants are a perennial in most of the United States, thriving in areas 4-8 map USDA hardiness of that country. It grows in almost all types of soil and partial shade as much full sun. The harvest of leaves for use in Asian dishes and other culinary purposes ensures the production of new shoots throughout the growing season.

Uses in the Garden

Chinese chive plants have flat leaves not only neat looking, sharp accents creating your herb garden, but also produces white umbels that make it an attractive choice for ornamental gardens. Some cultivars have lavender flowers and variegated foliage is striking even when the plant is not in bloom. Interceding Chinese chives among other perennials use it to cover the floor or even potted cultivable.


Chinese chives are easy to divide or to propagate from seed, either in spring or autumn. Unearth a part of the existing plant or completely roots carefully separated into sections for transplant. To plant seeds, plant carefully monitored to detect when the fruits begin to open. If you wait too long, the seeds were sown themselves.