Benefits of Silk Trees for Health

Dec 23rd

Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine for many years were revered bark, leaves and flowers of silk trees because of its powerful health benefits. Although not much scientific research done to validate the qualities of the plant, the ancient wisdom has been given great value to silk trees as an important therapeutic tool.

Silk trees San Diego
Silk trees San Diego

Usually, sheets of the bark are taken and allowed to dry, and is then used as a capsule or tincture. The tree leaves can also be dried and used as a tea. The bark of the silk trees is also used as a common remedy for generalized muscle aches and inflammation.

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The silk tree proved to be a key remedy for over 5,000 burn victims in the disaster at San Juanico in 1984.

Help with Injuries

For over 1,000 years the Maya recognized the silk tree as a powerful plant to help treat injuries and external wounds. The procedure was toasting the crust and creates a poultice for skin wound. The powdered bark is also an excellent cleaner germ. In trauma injuries, the silk tree can protect the protruding bones.

Colds and Cough

The decoctions of the bark of silk can help relieve the symptoms of upper respiratory complaints and cough.