Basil Plant Care Ideas

Aug 18th

Basil plant care – Basil grows best outdoors, where it can receive enough light and good temperature, but can also be grown indoors as long as it is in a sunny location. Whether basil plant is at home as natural deterrent to flies (flies cannot stand the smell of basil) or to grow the plant for use in your recipes, do not give up a basil plant dying, try to take care to revive the plant normally.

thai basil care
thai basil care

Basil plant care uses a sharp blade to remove a stem of basil 4 inches (10 cm). Choose a stem that has yet to flower. Stem down just short of the leaf node, the point at which the blade joins the stem. Fill a clean glass jar, like a jam, with water and place it in a window frame to give light bright (no heat). Use a glass jar to control root growth.

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Basil plant care, remove the leaves from the last 2 inches (5 cm). Put it in water. Change the water every 2 days until the roots (2-4 weeks) to form. Basil transplanted to a recipient when the growth of the roots has any inches. For transplanting, fill a container with at least 6 inches (15 cm) wide and deep with earth and water.